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How has the world changed in just one month, it was valentine on the 14th of February and quarantine on 14th of March.










We all are listening, reading these slogans in one way or the other. Be it the internet, news channels, newspapers, and Whatsapp groups, etc. Coronavirus (COVID-19) has become the most talked-about thing in the present day. Why would it not be?


It has completely shaken most of the countries in the world and has become a pandemic. Most of us had been known to the pandemic right from when it was spread out in China but were ignorant of knowing more or spreading awareness about it as was it was in the nation other than ours. Initially, it affected only China but the present scenario depicts that almost all of the countries are facing its effects and are trying to get rid of it by hook or crook.


WHO announced COVID-19 a pandemic on March 11, 2020.


The coronavirus flare-up is above all else a human catastrophe, influencing a huge number of individuals. It is additionally growing and affecting the worldwide economy


At the hour of writing, there have been over more than 1172607 confirmed instances of COVID-19 and more than 62820 deaths from the infection.

Across numerous nations where the most up to date strain of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has had an effect, isolation and social distancing measures have been set up. Employees in almost all of the affected nations have been approached to carry on their work from, urban areas have been set under lockdown and schools have been closed down. Individuals in those nations have likewise started staying away from public places that are mostly crowded.


This pandemic has taken a serious note after the end of February in the world. Every country is taking serious steps for stopping its continuation. There are serious punishments for those who are hiding or not going for the check-up.


Talking about the economy:-


The world is constraining economic activity to take into account social distancing, which will slow the spread of Covid-19.


Due to lesser people going out of their places, local markets are facing low sales gradually resulting in lower revenues. As more and people are getting aware of social distancing, they have stopped going out to cafés, clubs, shopping complexes, hotels, and restaurants, etc. This has reduced the profitability of almost all of the businesses.


Corona boosted the Ecommerce:-


Before the complete lockdowns in the cities, when this coronavirus breakdown started happening in many parts of the country, many people stopped going out of their places to buy the daily utilities and kinds of stuffs. This boosted the online markets and retail outlets as the customers dropped the traditional way of shopping. Instead, they surfed on the internet and discovered online applications and websites through which they ordered the things stuffs they needed daily. During this period, e-commerce saw a boom in its sales. Online platforms like Big Basket, Amazon, and Flipkart, etc, have witnessed a lot of customers shopping with them recently.


This showed that folks who are reluctant to shop online due to their self-made mentality and myths that products that are ordered and delivered through online portals are mostly defected and are merely a waste of time and money.



 Boost in the Pharmaceutics:- 


The only sector which is getting profited due to this pandemic is the pharmaceutical business. This is an undoubted fact that this sector is facing a bullish period due to the dire need for face masks, sanitizers, and medicines.

It has been almost a month that sanitizers are not available in the market for people are buying in bulk which is resulting in its acute shortage. To worsen up the situation, some manufacturers have started manufacturing fake sanitizers with lesser alcohol content and selling it in the market claiming that the sanitizers have the maximum possible alcohol content. Moreover, by selling these at their new prices, they are not only trying to maximize their revenues but also exploiting the market and ultimately the economy.


When the retailers and manufacturers are trying their level best to exploit their customers, it is the duty of the customers themselves to ask about the actual MRP of the products that they are buying.


Recession in the market:-


The COVID-19 is hitting the market to such an extent that almost all of the street vendors, small businesses and retailers are stressed out as there is a complete lockdown in all the cities due to which people are not coming out of their homes to buy daily utilities and groceries.


Every hotel and restaurant has been closed so that mass gathering does not take place anywhere to stop the spread of this pandemic.


Malls, shopping complexes, departmental stores have never seen such silence on their premises before as they are seeing now due to the social distancing.

This might seem difficult for us and the economy to grow but if the outbreak takes over India as well, there would be no people, no economy, resulting in the end of everything.


India has the advantage of learning from the mistakes of all other countries. We should be following the instructions from the government very seriously as these are our moral duties, otherwise, it would take a toll on our lives as well.


Social distancing: the need of the hour (followed by many reputed as well as small organizations):-


In the wake of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) flare-up, more than 50 percent of Indian organizations see sway on their tasks and almost 80 percent have seen a decrease in incomes, says an overview.


The pandemic has introduced new difficulties for the nation’s economy, causing the extremely problematic effects on both interest and supply-side components which can possibly wreck the development story, as per a survey led by industry body Ficci.


With COVID-19 cases developing around the world, business pioneers are scrambling to manage a wide assortment of issues, from drooping deals and slowing down stock chains to keeping representatives fit and healthy and ensuring they can keep working.


How are organizations ensuring the continuity in their operations and work?


With COVID-19 cases developing around the world, business pioneers are scrambling to manage a wide assortment of issues, from drooping deals and slowing down stock chains to keeping representatives fit and healthy and ensuring they can keep working.


The subsequent thing is, working remotely is exceptionally viable if you can likewise rebuild the hierarchical procedures for how correspondence, socialization, coordination occurs.


Remote organizations have developed the procedures which are helping individuals to socialize and nobody is feeling disconnected and becoming lost despite a general sense of vigilance. That is extremely significant at this moment, particularly with all the tension around us and schools getting shut and the fear of getting apart from everything else.


How should the employees stay to keep themselves and their families safe and healthy?


The social distancing and sadness should be worked upon effectively by urging representatives to build up an individual system: Exercise at home, contemplate, and ensure you connect and converse with individuals, regardless of the fact that socialization happens for all intents and purposes, just to ensure to our highest possible degree that workers are cheerful, intellectually relaxed, and profitable.


The companies should opt for the ways which are feasible for all the employees and that employees adjust to the newer ways of getting their work done.



It’s high time for all the E-commerce companies to boost their work as most of the folks would be surfing on the internet during this time period. Every company should try their best to spread awareness amongst all the individuals.


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